Compact Laminate

Stratified laminate becomes the object of design.

Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate, the head of the family of Compact Form products, presents itself with the unmistakeable black interior. It resists just about everything: wear and tear, humidity, steam, ultraviolet rays, termites, fungi, spores and mildew.

It is self-supporting 6 millimetres, a characteristic that makes it simple to install. It is self-extinguishing and class 2 fire-resistant, on request class 1. It does not contain chlorine or asbestos and is certified by the Fira Institute for the emission of free formaldehyde (suitable for coming into contact with foodstuffs). It can be protected with scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof EasyClean treatment.

On demand Compact Resistance, resistant to acids, specific for such environments as chemical laboratories.

Download technical reference Compact Laminate and Compact Resistance