Beautiful with the soul (of aluminium).

AlucompactCreated as a product to be used outdoors, Alucompact® is probably one of the laminates in the catalogue with the most distinctive and high-performing characteristics. Aluminium sheets 0.42 thick are inserted between its construction layers before the material goes to poly-condensation.

The aluminium gives greater structural carrying capacity and stability. But at the same time it creates the tactile and visual signature of a strong technical personality. The decorative surface is available in a vast range of colours.

It can be protected with scratch-proof, fingerprint proof EasyClean treatment.

On demand Compact Protect, a real shield against electromagnetic radiations.

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Gamma Alucompact

  • Alucompact: 2 aluminum sheets below the decoration
  • Alucompact Arrigo: 2 central aluminum sheets
  • Alucompact Mark: 3 central aluminum sheets
  • Alucompact 3: 2 aluminum sheets below the decoration and one at the centre
  • Alucompact 4: 2 aluminum sheets below the decoration and one two at the centre